Irish lunch pub with E-pub and the International Committee


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Irish lunch pub with E-pub and the International Committee

2019-11-25,12:00 - 13:00

The Europe Business trip 2020 goes to Dublin!


The International Committee invites you to IRISH E-PUB to enjoy some amazing Irish food and to get into the Irish vibe for this spring´s business trip to Dublin. 


E-pub will serve an Irish meal, including stout and fish´n ships. A vegetarian option will be available. We will also serve Irish coffee and arrange with a dartboard for those who want to play!


Why? This is an event we´re hosting to give you a glimpse of what the business trip is and expose the information about ticket sale and the actual dates for the trip. If you are curious about the Europe Business Trip, this is the event for you!


About the Europe Business Trip 2020: In the spring of 2020 the International Committee is arranging the Europe Business Trip for ELIN members, a student trip with exclusive visits to companies in a big city of commerce in Europe. The next trip will go to Dublin! We hope you´re excited!


On the event you will have the chance to show your interest for the trip, and to make a so called “intresseanmälan”.


Welcome to the Irish E-pub 25/11!


12:00 - 13:00
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