The application for ELIN’s dream scholarship is now open!

This is a scholarship for one or more ELIN-members which shall be used to fulfill a dream, goal or a vision. Perhaps you dream of becoming a musician and need that extra money to buy a new instrument, or maybe you want a ticket to Africa that will help you to climb the mountain you have always dreamt of? Maybe you have a business idea for which you need capital? By thinking outside the box and by following your dreams you can grow a lot as a person.


We want to help you to follow your dreams, we believe that dreams are a huge motivator and a source of creativity. We believe that individuals become happier by devoting themselves to what they are really passionate about, rather than just following the stream. Because of this, the dream scholarship has been established, to inspire and urge students to dare to dream and to vision.


ELIN’s dream scholarship is a scholarship of 7500 SEK, a perfect springboard to make your dreams, goals and visions reality. Dare to dream and ELIN will help you!

The application will be open until 28th of March and the winning applicant will be announced on Årsbanketten!


When you motivate why your dream deserves ELIN’s dream scholarship, don’t forget to motivate how the scholarship will help fulfill your dream!

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