It’s time for the Spring Election!


The second application period is now open!


It is now that you as a member of ELIN get the opportunity to be an active member on the Board! You will get great experiences, personal development and it will be a lot of fun!


Important dates:

–  Application and nomination period 18/3 – 25/3

–  Election Pub 31/3

–  Second application period opens 1/4

–  Voting period 8/4 – 14/4

– The Annual Meeting 14/4


The open positions are:

– Head of Corporate Relations

– 1st Vice President with Educational Responsibilities

– Head of IT

– Quartermaster


Your application should be in English


The Board is the executive and decision-making body of ELIN and is responsible for managing the whole association through working both strategic och and operationally. The Board has weekly meetings together. There are board meetings every other week, which all members are welcome to, and discussion meetings with only the board every other week. All meetings within the board and the committees can be held in English, but some events that all committees arrange with external actors are in Swedish.


Learn more about the positions: 

Head of Corporate Relations

Currently on the position: Johanna Holmgren



  • Leading the work of the corporate relations committee
  • Plan and arrange events with our partners and other companies together with the committee
  • Negotiate deals with our partner companies together with the 2nd Vice President
  • Responsible for the deals and sponsorship for the entire association
1st Vice President with Educational Responsibility

Currently on the position: Marcus Wennman


The applicant should be comfortable with speaking and writing in Swedish



  • Developing the education and maintaining the relationship to all educational stakeholders
  • Strategic development of the association, together with the President and 2nd Vice President.
  • Representing ELIN internally and externally, for example at U9 conferences
  • The diploma ceremonial weekend, together with the Diploma committee
  • Maintaining contact with the Quality Committee
Head of IT

Currently on the position: Axel Thomsen


The applicant should be comfortable with speaking and writing in Swedish



  • Maintaining and updating the associations website
  • Maintaining and updating the associations IT-related hard- and software
  • Leading IT-related projects

Currently on the position: Anton Wigren




  • The association’s facilities and inventories
  • The work environments at the university
  • Working together with other organizations at the university regarding the work environment
  • The board’s gyckel
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How the Election works: 

  • All members can apply for, or nominate someone else, for any of the open positions during the application and nomination period. If you get nominated, the Election Committee will send you an email with what position you were nominated for. The nominations are anonymous.
  • When the first application and nomination period is over, the Election Committee will publish all the applications so that all members can read about the applicants and prepare questions for the Election Pub.
  • All applicants will be interviewed during the Election Pub, and they will then get the chance to convince the audience that they are the best candidate for the position. Two interviewers will prepare questions and speak with the applicants on the stage, and everyone in the audience can ask questions. The applicants who are abroad, or for some reason can’t participate get the option to send a video with the answers to their questions.
  • The second application period opens the day after the Election Pub (you can’t nominate during this period). If you think you’re a better candidate than the others who applied, or if you just realized that you want to apply, this is your last chance.
  • When the second application period is over, the Election Committee will publish a final list with the applicants. By this time, the voting period will start, and all members have the opportunity to vote for the candidate they think is most suitable for the position. All members can vote for one person for each position. They also have the chance to put blank vote (if they don’t have an opinion for that position) or “vakant” (if they don’t think that any of the candidates are a good fit for the position). The members can chose to not vote on all positions.
  • The voting period ends at the day of the Annual Meeting. The result of the election will be announced at the Annual Meeting, and has to be officially accepted by the meeting.
  • The candidates that got the most votes, and get accepted by the Annual Meeting, will officially start their mandate period on the 1st of July.


If you have any questions regarding the Election, email If you have a problem logging into, please E-MAIL