Ansök till drömstipendiet!

Take the chance to be awarded 7500 SEK to fulfill your dream! 💫

Now the application period for ELIN’s Dream Scholarship has finally opened!
This is a scholarship of 7500 SEK that will be handed out to one of more ELIN’s members which shall be used to fullfill a dream, goal or a vision.🤩

Perhaps you dream of becoming a musician and need that extra money to buy a new instrument, or maybe you want a ticket to Africa that will help you to climb the mountain you have always dreamt of? Maybe you have a business idea for which you need capital? Dare to dream and dream big and ELIN will help you get there!💫

Do you want to apply? You only need to be an ELIN member and send in a short motivation – super easy! The application period opens today and closes on the 30rd of January.

Make your dream come true, don’t hesitate to apply below and it might just be you who wins!

The winner of the scholarship will be announced on Årsbanketten in March💃

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